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Police brutality - The young man in this video has no shoes, no shirt, no belt, and his pants are unzipped. One of the cops has blue gloves on. This screams to me he was just searched. Doesn’t stop the cops from bashing his head into the wall when he can’t walk and leaving the young man with a permanent lump, chipped teeth, and brain injuries. He is dragged down the hall and sprayed with what looks like pepper spray. The cop with the gloves on looks down at the young man bleeding on the floor, and laughs, over and over again. 

3 Cops “On Leave” in Seabrook, New Hampshire After Police Brutality Video Appears On Youtube 
More information here:
UPDATE - All cops have been identified. Adding their pictures here now 


Police will end the world.

This makes me sick

Everyone look at those faces, I hope these “police” get recognized as terrible people wherever they go. I hope their wives leave them and their mothers shame them and I hope to god  this a  temporary leave!

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